Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sun and sands

Do you see?
Golden sands. Blue seas. Seashells. Shades. Hats. Best friends.
Its summer 2010 :)
Before you realize, summer days will be long gone. On work days, you just cant wait for the summer, and then sooner than you think, you are getting bored during summer!!
Well, at least I did.
So we decided to hit the beach :)
Apart from the cool waters, jet-skiing, best friends and laughing uncontrollably.
I managed to get few decent shots, but just one is worth showing off... and that's how far my creative brain took me.

So there are few things, you must enjoy in this season despite the heat..
No.1 : Lemonade
Oh yes, feeling the ice cold, sugary lemon drink run down your throat...nothing can beat the heat better!
No.2 : Fall in love with anything and everything all over again
The sun, the scent in the summer breeze, nature, books, chocolates...
whatever you get to see, sense and smell...just fall in love.
No.3 : Enjoy the cherries
Cant resist them!! They are always the "in-fruit" in summer!! And yes, dont wipe the red juice dripping down to your elbows...hehe..gives the summer feeling (well, atleast to me)!
No.4 : Summer sale
Okay girls, hit the malls..nothing is better than getting your hands on happy, pretty colored clothes and bags on summer sale!
No.5 : Pause and bring forth your talent
Who knows, deep down inside...you maybe an actor, poet, artist etc... Its just the perfect season and reason to pause and discover yourself.
No.6 : Collect the sea shells
I discovered that a huge of collection of seashells in different shapes gives you beautiful necklace or a just a simple key ring. Depends on how innovative you get with them.
Well, so that's my list for a perfect summer :)
True that its extremely hot out there; I mean literally, its skin melting especially right here in the Middle East. For the beauty goddesses; forget the beautiful natural tan here. Its not worth the pain.

And for some reason, I have got a craving for that lemonade I talked about!!
So folks, catch you later!

beat the heat
& This is how I see life


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