Thursday, July 8, 2010

A fairytale world....

Hello peeps, :)
So I have decided not to procrastinate at all in blogging! I mean seriously I enjoy it!! :)

Expect nothing in return.
The other night, I almost broke down in tears thinking about how some things have been seriously messed up. 
So I just decided to talk to one person I haven't talked to in ages about anything happening in my life.

As I approached closer to my mom, I could hear her soft hum. She was singing a lullaby to my sister. That lullaby ruffled the withered, yet golden leaves of sweet memories in my mind, and I found myself there, laying next my mom, just 4 years old.
It was one cold night in mid December and I huddled closer to my mom for warmth and quietly listened to her sweet lullaby.
"Mom, can you please tell me one last bed time story" I said looking at her hopefully
She smiled softly and touched my cheek and said " Okay, just one and its getting late baby, you better sleep after this"

And then I sailed over the clouds, over lush green lands and huge blue oceans; to the land of dreams, unicorns, kings and queens, to the castle where a princess lay in a sound sleep for 100 years ; deep down in the sea where a beautiful mermaid lived and to magical forests where fairies danced on pretty flowers. A journey of a innocent child who believed that all this really existed, who never knew that a cold, harsh world awaits her.

"Mom, can every girl be a princess?" I asked my mom one day as she lovingly watered my favourite carrot plant in my mini garden.
"Yes baby, why not. Look at you, you are the prettiest princess I have ever seen" mom laughed softly and answered my question.
"So, will I find a prince for myself" I asked her again imagining myself with Cinderella's prince.
She looked at me and then pointed up at the clouds and said " Ofcourse you will, he lives in a far faraway castle up there, and when you want him, he'll be here"

And then I was back again, sitting next to my mom. We no more get along, and I thought of reasons why we no more do. But right then, I knew she only could help.
"Mom, what would you do if nothing is going the way you want, and if you had to choose between two special people in your life"? I asked her with a hope for an answer.
"Why would anyone have to choose. One has to have enough love in their heart, so that everyone gets their share" she answered blankly.
She didnt get it; infact, she would never.
"You just have to choose, no matter how much love you carry in your heart" I said.
"Well then, you cant choose; I wouldn't choose, it would hurt one of them, and it will hurt you eventually. All you can do is have faith in yourself. Never let things weaken you easily, and give out all you got and never expect anything in return". Mom said looking at me and then closed to her eyes.
"Yes mom". I said and kept quiet.

I knew I had to leave. I was on my own anyway. As I left her room, I kept pondering over the piece of advice she gave me. It didnt help me heal, it didnt solve anything but it did defintely teach me one thing. Life isn't a fairytale, its not a fairytale world...its a serious business and we have to make it to the end.
Towards a happy ending.

& This is how I see life


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