Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A beautiful blog :) (Here comes the bride)

Really heart melting (L)

Not that I know her, but feeling what others's a gift
From her words...
I felt what she felt

Happiness and sacrifice at the sametime..

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Here comes the bride...

I'm not in denial anymore.
My sister, my best friend, my roommate for as long as I could remember is getting married tomorrow!

This piece of information hasn't made it way through the thick walls of my brain until now.. When I saw her lying in bed reading Qura'an, as one of her friends told her to read AlBaqara before her wedding. I asked how she was and she just said "good" then smiled to me as I took a picture of her with my phone.

That's when I realized what was really happening.
She's leaving us! She's leaving ME!
Those who know me know how much I love my sisters, they're my everything and I wouldn't imagine our house or my life without each one of them around.

They are my four incredibles!

And now I'm so close to breaking down..

My sister is the one who first heard many of my horrible confessions.

She has the most annoying alarm clock that wakes me up and not her even though it's literally stuck to her ear, she only wakes up when I whisper her name and tell her to turn it off and she actually looks at me grudgingly as if I was the reason she was up.

She uses my bed on weekdays as an extra desk, since I'm only home on weekends. I come home to find her bags, books, boxes, sometimes even food on my bed!

She's so messy! So so messy. I go complain to my mom about how the room is a disaster because she doesn't want to get rid of anything and mama would say "yeah she got this from your father who never throws away anything.".

We share most of our clothes but I'd wear a black shirt dress with vintage gold earrings and nude-pink bow heels and she'd wear it with funky colorful accessories and her shiny heels. Each one of us has a very different taste and we look nothing alike.

She loooves to imagine me marrying a "6e3si" and goes on and on forever, making up conversations and scenes, laughing so hard until we're both out of jokes.

She's not a fan of cooking but if she bakes a simple cake you have to praise it for 3 hours and a half or she starts pouting.

She teases me a lot and then eventually go "okay okay don't cry wallah amza7".

She knows me too well and always predicts what I'm going to say next or what I'm thinking.

She always speaks her mind. And you can never win a conversation with her.

She's an artist, a journalist, a writer, a designer, and love struck ;)
My sister, I love you to death. I wish you the very best and this hubby of yours had better be perfect and awesome and amazing and extremely nice to you or he'd have to deal with the serial killer I'm planning to pay all my savings!

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