Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hi again
I bet there are many enthusiastic bloggers out there like myself, happen to get excited over the idea writing a blog, and then the laziness monster eats us up.:D

Well, atleast I confess that I have been lazy.

So, I haven't been blogging much.Some drafts of my journal entries are laying in here and nothing is worth getting published. Couple of them have been written some time ago, so I decided to edit and post them. :)

Millions of things are running through my head...I have lost track of myself admist dark thick thoughts, touching me with their icy fingers. They scare me and I cant see past them.
And the worst part, when one cant turn back and fix everything. It was meant to happen and it happened.

All this would make one wonder, what is the reason behind all this agony.. and all I can say, few people, who never knew you from deep inside and judged you from what others showed them. I always thought no one can ever hate me or I thought nobody could hate me. 
But it turned out the opposite, some people can hate you for no reason and are even capable of making others hate you!!
I mean what a talent!
I fell so hard and bruised myself badly, I didnt deserve this, yet everyone moved on; past me. They did stop to ask, but no one could heal my wounds. I could have taken revenge, but forgiving is divine.
So I licked my wounds and whispered to myself, you are not the only one and the world does'nt care. Nobody's life is perfect, and they are busy solving their own problems.

Here am I, holding on to this dream like thin strand of hope among the cold thoughts...that one day things will be right...Life is just testing me and I'll pass. They say patience is virtue; so I'll wait and I'll be tough.
And them; soon they'll realise their mistake and probably die of guilt.

Life is one hell of a wise teacher. I have learned that your life can be changed in a matter of hours by people who dont even know you. I have also learned that if I keep weeping over the past, I cant live my present. And again, I know I have got to find this small smile hidden in million drops of tears, maybe my eyes miss a lot of beautiful things out there just 'cause they were blurred. Everyday that passes by, I learn a new lesson and everyday that starts is a new beginning. So it goes on, learning more and more again.


Time you spend here is short, you never know who will be gone next. Be there for everyone, regardless of the fact that they might not be there for you. And as they say, life goes on.

& This is how I see life.


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